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Beware—Distracted Bagpipe Player

Headline: Driver caught practising bagpipes at wheel I’ve never hidden my feelings about bagpipes. My heart bursts at the sight and sound of a lone piper playing on a heather-carpeted ben across the glen from my vantage point. That solitary figure seems to magnify the sense of space; isolation; desolation. And the sound—it’s so mournful, and evocative of the Scottish… Read more »

Silly Season Prompts Purge of Old Material

In days of old, when news media reported interesting and important happenings in a sober fashion for most of the year, the mid-to-late summer period was known as “Silly Season” in the UK and elsewhere. The official explanation is that the amount of government and business news declines in the summer, so the newspapers have to be padded out with… Read more »