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Creating Whitespace in MS Word

Evolution and the Infinite Number of Monkeys Theory When word processing programs like Microsoft Word came along, it made typing pools all-but obsolete and placed the creation of documents literally at the fingertips of document authors. True story – I wrote a script for a pantomime in the 1980s and typed it into a programming […]

Word of the Year – The Winner Is…

Today’s post is an article I wrote for my creative writing website. But because it struck me as relevant to technical writing too (if only to warn people not to use emoticons or emoji when writing Performance Reviews or “Workforce Adjustment Notifications”), I decided to include a link here. Happy Friday reading!


Welcome to the no-cheat-device-installed world of Reg Gothard’s writing. As of Fall 2017, I have decided to put this website into hibernation. Too many other opportunities demand my time, and so I’m taking a calculated risk by halting my activity on this website. I continue to monitor it, and will respond to all genuine commentary […]

AIMAs (Clue: Abbreviations)

Abbreviations, Initialisms, Mnemonics and Acronyms In a world where texting, whatsapping, and tweeting (to name but a few) are the preferred communication media of so many people, abbreviations have multiplied like there’s an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of cellphones in an infinite number of Scrabble factories pumping the things out. While […]

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