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Month – January 2016

How to Avoid Mass Murder by Powerpoint

Note: I am not a professional speaker, but I have given many successful presentations to a wide range of audiences, and I’ve attended presentation training. A presentation to a national software users’ conference (Software AG UK) was voted the best of that conference. The following tips show what works for me, as a Myers Briggs […]

Divided by Common Language

Today’s post is all about the effect the Atlantic Ocean has on English. It’s not another of those exhaustive, leave-no-stone-unturned lists of English–American translations; it’s another of those exhausting, leave-no-pun-unused pieces about language mutation—I mean, evolution. Specifically, I’ll be addressing five differences that manifest themselves as polar opposites in either meaning or wording. The Problem […]

What Does a Technical Writer Do?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve tried to answer this question I’d be able to afford that multi-month trip to New Zealand that’s on my bucket list! I have this vague memory of a Wonder Years episode in which Coach Cutlip asks the class what a jock strap is for. To me, […]

Is This Why Technical Writers Are Needed?

In my experience, businesses and organizations, especially medium-sized businesses, don’t understand why they should pay someone to write documentation for them when they have perfectly good subject matter experts (SMEs)  who know the product or service inside out, back-to-front, and upside down. Other “Yonder Pedant” articles (currently in draft form as of January2016) cover what […]

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