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Welcome to the no-cheat-device-installed world of Reg Gothard’s writing.

As of Fall 2017, I have decided to put this website into hibernation. Too many other opportunities demand my time, and so I’m taking a calculated risk by halting my activity on this website.

I continue to monitor it, and will respond to all genuine commentary as well as contacts from those interested in using my services.

Most of my posts are connected with the mechanics of writing business documents. You might find similar topics elsewhere; my articles differ in that they’re intended to inform and entertain (although being a business-focused website, emphasis will be biased towards “inform”).

As my “About” page shows, I’ve officially been a Technical Writer since 2004, although I was writing documentation for many years before then.

This is one of two websites that I publish on (the other is my creative writing website).

Feel free to provide constructive commentary, advice on how I can further improve my writing, website, and/or following, and suggestions for how I can raise my profile.

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