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Reg Gothard - "Yonder Pedant"

Do You Need a Part-time-only Writer?

If your organization has any documentation requirements, but couldn’t keep a technical communicator busy full-time, consider contracting the work to me.

Use the form here to contact me.

Hours and Contract Duration

I’m happy to look at anything from two to twenty-four hours per week in the October – April period and zero to ten hours per week in the May – September period.

Contract durations can range from one week to open-ended.

Assignment Examples

I can

  • create, update, reformat, and edit your Word documents.
  • tidy up and reformat your Excel workbooks.
  • turn your Powerpoint presentations into something that will keep your audiences engaged.
  • create, update, tidy up and reformat your Visio diagrams.
  • create and update your website content.

Please read “About Reg” for a summary of my skills and experience.

Working Arrangements

Although I prefer to work from my own office (see below), if your office is within easy commuting distance of Okotoks, Alberta, I’m happy to

  • work from your offices, provided that I would be working there for at least five hours on any given day.
  • visit your offices for any length of time if the purpose it to meet management or subject matter experts.

I prefer to work from my own office because it allows me to work at any time of day (or night), subject to the needs of my client. This kind of arrangement has worked for clients “just down the road” as well as half-way round the world (Malaysia). In many cases it allows work that I’m given at the end of the workday here in Alberta to be returned by the start of the next workday, or in the case of “half-way round the world” clients, later the same work day.


My rate for 2016 is CAN$60.00 per hour. If you wish to compare that with “the going rate”, check here.
My company, Dewdney Media Inc., is incorporated in Alberta.

Use the form here to contact me.

Why I Work the Way I Do

In 2006, I made a decision to earn income from multiple sources in order to mitigate the effects of any of them drying up. This has worked well for me as well as for my clients, and the approach has so far carried me safely through two economic downturns (including the current one).

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