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Contemplating the Ceiling

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How well do you know the ceilings of the various rooms in your house? Are they stippled; smooth; papered-and-painted; peeling; “popcorn”ed; patterned using a comb? Several groups of people likely have a head start in the ceiling familiarity game. Here are a few that spring to mind. Insomniacs spend a lot of time staring upward, although for a large percentage… Read more »

Social Media Virgin

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Personal experiences are not the best fodder for articles unless they’re paradigm-changing, or heroic, or they cure world hunger. So I’m going to couch this article about my social media virginity in terms of questions that social media harlots can relate to. Last week I tried to describe the inner turmoil of a person who doesn’t see the point of… Read more »

Increasing Your Visibility or Selling Your Soul?

What’s your take on the “ample supply” of pictures of funny kittens, cute puppies and fluffy bunnies that are doing the rounds on social media? Opinions likely span the entire spectrum, from “Jail the kitten posters” to “We need fluffy bunny pictures everywhere, and I mean everywhere!” Who knows—the spectrum may be even wider! My blogs recently celebrated their first… Read more »

Why Are Our Pastimes Consuming Us?

Hands up who’s feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day. Everyone? I thought so. Okay – hands up who has more than one hobby, or whose children have more than one evening activity. Everyone? I thought so. Hands up who doesn’t want to give any of those pursuits up because they help bring balance to your life or your… Read more »


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Welcome to my no-cheat-device-installed, creative writing website. You should find a new post here once a week, usually on Monday. Many of my posts feed off news items that strike me and others as bizarre in some way. There’s a possibility that a few random rants might make their way onto these pages. My mission statement To inform and entertain… Read more »