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Odd-shaped Balls

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News report: Football ground street signs are wrong, says fan Folks in the UK were berating the people in charge of road signs last year for their depiction of a football (that’s the round one that people actually kick with their feet) on signs pointing to football (soccer) grounds. At the heart of the matter is the geometric impossibility of… Read more »

Great Serpents of Expectation

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Recently, I’ve taken to reading more than one book at a time. In a two-storey house with a developed basement in which I sleep in the upper storey and work in the basement, it makes sense—I can keep one book in the basement bathroom and another in our bedroom. What I should do though, is to ensure that I’m not… Read more »

I’m Now a Cell-ovine

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Yay – I’ve joined the flock! I signed up for my very first cellphone plan yesterday! Yes, it was April Fools’ Day, purely a coincidence, but to my mind at least, entirely appropriate. Ever since they became ubiquitous, I’ve looked upon cellphones with disdain, much as I look upon nose rings or fingers-full of rings. No prejudice here; I merely… Read more »