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Welcome to my no-cheat-device-installed, creative writing website.

You should find a new post here once a week, usually on Monday. Many of my posts feed off news items that strike me and others as bizarre in some way. There’s a possibility that a few random rants might make their way onto these pages.

My mission statement

To inform and entertain my readers and to be the source of information and entertainment for audiences who watch my plays.

After I’d settled on the “inform” and “entertain” part, I discovered that my thinking was in line with the BBC’s. I guess I’m in good company!

At some point, I plan to set up an online store so that theatre groups and individuals can purchase my plays and other ramblings.

Feel free to provide constructive commentary, advice on I can improve my writing, my website or my following.

Who is Kelvin D. Hatch?

My first real play was written under the pseudonym Kelvin D. Hatch. I wanted my friends to feel free to provide honest feedback on the play without having to be careful not to offend me. The ploy worked for the most part. I therefore looked upon Kelvin D. Hatch as my lucky nom de plume and decided to continue using it for my creative writing efforts.

…Oh! You want to know my real name! Acchh – that’s not important.

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